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The beauty of true Wood Each of our lamps can cooperate with a traditional electrical installation or in a smart ecosystem The heart of your home A collection of wooden lampscombining ecology and technology. Shop by categories Get inspired by our diverse products. We produce lamps made of oak for you. You can choose three types of wood. Pure Oak Modern Rustic Dark Oak Make a difference Discover FAUN Collection Read more Get Inspired Explore our community on Instagram I purchased 4 of these lights for the hallways in our new house. I have received many compliments from family and friends about them. monklights Shop all lights All wooden.Each unique. Because your home is like no other.Match our lamps to any style. Global reachof the localproduction We’ve already shipped our lights to   34 countries Each light is covered by 3 years warranty Everyday you can connect with us to find answers to all of your questions. Discover Discover Wall lights Table lights Pendant lights Floor lights Catherine, California Go to web store to browse all of our pieces All products and prices
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