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We believe that wood is the material of the future. Natural, durable, minimally processed, not polluting the environment. For optimal processing you can choose only between three types of finish:

Pure Oak - Sustainable elegance. Clean, light, knotless wood with a simple and delicate grain pattern. Several lamps with this finish, combined with each other, easily create a harmonious set. Each lamp is coated with ecological oil. Therefore, its surface is smooth, resistant to dust and other aging effects.

Modern Rustic Oak - 100% of the beauty of wood Knotty oak wood presents the full richness of wood. Each lamp is unique. It can be said that no two lamps are the same. However, when ordering several lamps, you receive a carefully selected set. Thanks to the multi-stage sanding and protection with ecological oil, the lamps are smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Dark Oak - modern chic. Pure knotless oak wood in a black version. A proposal for people who like to break the mold. Perfect for modern interiors. Finishing with ecological satin oil makes the surface of the lamp smooth, resistant to dust and silky to the touch.


Monklights is a unique combination of naturalness and simplicity with modern light technology.

Our lamps are made in an ecologically clean region, where sustainable forest management, establishing new forests, caring for them and finally producing various wood products, has been one of the main activities of the local community for generations.

We strive to keep our production processes simple, as low-waste as possible, with respect for this noble material, which is wood.

By combining wood with lighting technology from reputable, technologically leading companies, we can offer durable and reliable lamps to meet all expectations for modern lighting systems.

In the organization of production, we also implement modern methods based on the principles of sustainable development, enriched with the knowledge and multicultural experience of the founders.

Designer Touch

Luminous simplicity - this is the idea that I follow when designing new patterns for the Monklights brand. In times of widespread excess of forms, shapes, information and impressions, simplicity becomes a sought-after pleasure. But what would simplicity itself be without the pleasure of admiring the unpredictable beauty of a natural material like wood?

Wood - beautiful, warm, pleasant to the touch, brings to our homes a sense of communing with our original nature. And the light? Clarity is a symbol of all that is good in our lives. It accompanies us not only in almost all our activities, but also during relaxation. Creating luminaires for light - what a fantastic task!

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