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Smart ecosystem

The optional addition of a CASAMBI control module gives you a number of remote control options for your lighting, including smooth dimming:

  • turn on / off
  • connecting many lamps with each other into one network (also compatible with the PHILIPS HUE system)
  • creating lighting scenery

How it’s working?

  • You bay a lamp with an optional CASAMBI module (each luminaire must have an additional module),
  • connect iy to the electricity,
  • you download and install the application after opening it, your smartphone “sees” the connected lammps,
  • and you can take care of the conguration according to you needs.

Two control methods

Lamps equipped with the CASAMBI module “see” each other, thanks to which they create a network with each other, which gives you the ability to create lighting scenery, turn on / o all at once or control selected zones. Each lamp can also be connected in parallel to a traditional switch.

The CASAMBI app works with iOS as well as Android devices, like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. The app is free to download by any end user and anyone - regardless of technical prociency - can use it.

Simple setup

The application is downloadable from Google Play or the App Store, it is intuitive and reliable The controller remembers its default state (last settings), so after turning o the lamp with a traditional switch (e’g’ in the wall), the lamp will remember the last setting. CASAMBI is a professional , certied system used all over the world

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