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Monklights was founded in 2017. Our lamps are a combination of wood and light. The laboratory in which they are produced is surrounded by trees. We work with respect for the natural material that is wood. Our lamps are designed to make the most of every piece of this precious material. These fragments, which are commonly considered as waste, like cracked boards or knots, we treat with respect and in the process of manual processing, we emphasize their natural beauty. This is how collections arise, where each lamp is unique.

Although its shape comes from the designer, nature has created the pattern of the wood. We believe that wood is the material of the future. Natural, durable, minimally processed, not polluting the environment.

We assumed that we would treat wood as a precious material. Hence the return to craft methods, rational, thoughtful forms of lamps, and finally the use of these fragments of wood in projects, which were previously treated as waste.


Founders, from the left: Miroslaw, Rajesh and Michal

Assembling process takes place in Warsaw, Poland, Central-East part of Europe, however, many of the elements are made in Kathmandu, Nepal, from which one of our founders come from. We believe that sharing the work with slower developing countries is our duty to keep the appropriate balance in the worldwide order.

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